Free women's introductory self defense course

Making the Community Safer

A free no obligation two evening introductory course offered in association with the Kiwanis Club of Deer Park and N. Babylon as a service to the community.  You will be trained by martial arts master instructors and members from elite military and law enforcement units.  

Graduates will receive a certificate of participation and those with school aged children will be invited to join our free Parent-Child Safety Course at a future date. 

For those graduates who are interested in continuing their training and advancing their skill sets including but not limited to how to deal with stalkers, rape and abduction prevention, escape techniques, effective advanced martial arts defensive techniques, introduction to home and family defense tactics, verbal judo, plus introduction to advanced weapons may join our Women's Self-Defense Level I Course at a 10% discount. 

What You Will Learn

Learn about situational awareness and prevention of attacks, use of force laws, effective unarmed self defense techniques, weapons of opportunity, legal weapons to carry, and using the environment around you for protection among other subjects.  Course consists of video, lecture, and practical applications. 

Required clothing: Athletic or comfortable clothing and athletic footwear.  

Sign Up Now

Next course dates:

Monday, April 20, 2020 7-10 PM

Tuesday, April 21, 2020, 7-10 PM

Call (631) 482-0075 to sign up, enrollment is limited. 

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