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Armed Guard Training


Our firearms and Executive/Dignitary Protection instructors are among the very best in the world! They will go beyond the minimum training guidelines giving you additional tactical instruction that may keep you and others you protect alive someday.

NYS Forty-Seven Hour Course for Armed Guards

I. To work as an armed guard in New York State, you will need to take an approved NYS Forty-Seven (47) hour firearms course. We generally conduct this course on weekend days over a period of time. 

Note: Certain retired law enforcement officers such as police officers under Article 1.20 of the NYS CPL may be exempt.  Check with the NYS DCJS for details.

II. Once you have the armed guard license you will need to take an Eight Hour Annual In-Service Training Course for Armed Guards each year.


 Important: In order to take the 47 hour firearms course, you will first need to possess the following:

(1) A valid unarmed New York State Security guard license (also known as a "registration card"). You must have the actual license in your hand, not just a training certificate.

(2) A valid New York State pistol permit. In NYC get it from NYPD.  On Long Island you obtain this from the county police, On eastern Long Island where you are served by town police then it's the Suffolk County Sheriff department.

(3) A duty-type weapon with a caliber of 9mm or higher (smaller calibers are not acceptable for this course according to state regulations). Note: Some ranges have rental guns available for the course but they are not always available.

These are THE RULES of the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) and NYS law, not ours, so please do not present arguments to us. 

We also agree with them and this is why . . .

These rules were promulgated by DCJS for very good reason: To ensure that both you and the general public will be better protected from those offering substandard, overpriced, and unauthorized training!  Previously there were many problems, especially in and around the New York City area with firearms training.

NOTE: Due to the above recent rule changes promulgated by the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services we cannot accept online applications for armed training courses, and must verify the course prerequisites as delineated in items 1-3 above in person.