Employer Services

Tactical Communications (verbal judo)

Verbal Judo Training

 This is a 6-8 hour course that teaches staff how to interact with all others to gain voluntary compliance, cooperation and collaboration.

Goals of the course:

•Increased Officer Safety
•Enhanced Professionalism
•Decreased Customer Complaints
•Decreased Vicarious Liability
•Decreased Stress
•Increased Court Power
•Decreased Cynicism
•Increased Morale


Customer Service Training for All Staff (especially security)

Verbal Judo Training, Customer Service Training

 - Includes video and lecture on the principles, purposes, and importance of good public relations and representing the institution, company or agency

- How to provide outstanding customer service by the application of certain principles such as possessing a thorough knowledge of the organizational structure including key personnel including any updates or changes, et. al.

- First Aid-CPR-AED  - ACLS/BCLS

First Aid, CPR & AED training

Fulfill OSHA requirement (where applicable) and possibly reduce lost time from work and/or liabilities from improperly trained staff. 

All training is conducted by leading industry professionals and are nationally recognized certifications.

- Tactical Casualty Care Certifications for Licensed Security, Active PD/Fire/EMS or Military Only

Tactical Casualty Care, Combat EMT, TCC Training

LE-TCC teaches public safety first responders including police, 

other law enforcement officers, firefighters, and other first 

responders the basic medical care interventions that will help 

save an injured responder's life until EMS practitioners can safely 

enter a tactical scene. It combines the principles of PHTLS and

TCCC, and meets the recommendations of the Hartford Consensus document and TECC guidelines. *

* Must already be First Aid CPR/AED certified to take this course


Tactical Fitness and Self-Defense


Under the Personal Instruction of Expert Military and Police    

Martial Arts Instructors Students Will Learn:

- Law of self-defense and use of force for law enforcement and security personnel (classroom).

- Martial arts footwork, strikes, blows, takedowns, locks, holds, throws, weapons of the hand, weapons of      the foot, pressure points, escapes (gym).

- Effective Tactical Self Defense techniques designed for law enforcement and security personnel (gym).

- Use of command presence to gain compliance and protect yourself (classroom/gym).

- Situational awareness and using the environment to protect yourself (classroom and gym).

- Tactical communications (verbal judo) for law enforcement and security personnel (classroom).

- Handcuffing techniques for law enforcement and security personnel (gym).

Students Receive Two certificates:

1. Tactical Self Defense and Handcuffing Techniques Level 2. Tactical Communications (verbal judo) Level I.


Executive Protection (Bodyguard) Certification Courses

Bodyguard Executive Protection Training, Close Protection Training

These Courses are taught by some of America's best who come from the world's most elite military and law enforcement (US Secret Service, FBI, Navy SEAL Teams, et. al) .  Our advanced students are taught the latest methods, develop critical operational and planning skills, and are prepared to handle just about anything comes their way.  

If you are a state registered security guard company (contractual or proprietary), and would like to hire one of our student associates (including former law enforcement or military) please contact our placement specialists (631) 482-0075 or just e-mail us!  You may ask for or contact the School (Executive) Director directly anytime.


Specific Training for Uniformed Officers


  If your company or organization has uniformed security officers and you want them to emulate a US Marine Embassy Guard or US Marine MP -- to be, in a word: SHARP! -- when working for YOUR COMPANY, then you have to have them and their supervisors trained in specific aspects of discipline, personal appearance, readiness, critical thinking/thinking outside the box, hard work ethic, and tactics from somebody who has that experience! From somebody who LIVES that experience every single day of their lives.

Homeland Security and School/Corporate Safety training


We also have invaluable training such as Active Shooter Response unarmed and armed). We offer practical, reasonable, and affordable solutions.  

We have:

- Over 200 years (combined) elite law enforcement and military unit experience.


- Have produced training videos and published professional articles and books.

- Have experience with high level elite military and law enforcement units including (but not limited to) the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), US Marshals Service, US Secret Service, US Navy SEALs, US Army Special Forces, New York City Police Department, and New York City Department of Correction.

- Have responded to thousands of public safety calls for service including live bomb incidents, hostage, active shooter, and SWAT calls.

- Have extensive criminal investigator experience.

- Have extensive Counterterrorism and High Level Crisis Intervention (hostage and terrorist incident) experience.

- Have firefighter/EMS experience.

Our Classroom Training

Security Guard Training, Professional Staff Development Training

 We teach ALL of our students things that they really can use to do their jobs better. Things that can save lives.  Our students are very important to us, and we want to insure their survival (and the survival of those in their charge) in any given emergency. We not only go above the state minimum training guidelines for the mandatory courses, but we even give them another day of FREE training of Tactical Communications (sometimes known as Verbal Judo) and Advanced Report Writing to make sure of this.

The upshot is that our course graduates are always better prepared, and are very grateful for the extra knowledge and helpful tips that they receive from us. Knowledge that can only come from the benefit of over 200 years of combined high level experience that the instructors have had to pay a significant price for; training that can only come from people like them. 

See what our students say here!


On-Site Training Available


 We know that finding affordable and reliable training for an ever-changing security environment in a tight economy can be a real challenge for an employer, and we take this into consideration with group discount pricing.  We also know that employers not only want affordable training that will help them stay competitive, but they want their security staff to be able to handle ANY given situation professionally using the type of skills and knowledge that we can teach them.  This can only be accomplished through the best training programs available with the most experienced and most dedicated personnel.

If you would like us to immediately upgrade and custom design your security or law enforcement training program or need advanced training and/or security evaluations, please call us at (631) 482-0075 or (631) 964-2787 for more information on how we can help your security or law enforcement officers become second to none!

Your call is important to us!  If you get no answer because we are out in the field training or closed, please leave a message or you can e-mail us by clicking here and we will return your call or message promptly!




Purchase Orders/Vouchers

Question: Can Alliance Group Affiliates (AGA) work with vouchers and purchase orders?  

Answer: Yes, and we have NYC and NYS authorized vendor ID numbers. We also work with many nonprofits for everything including fully coordinating the licensing and job placement process for their clients.

Tailor Designed Training for Organizations 

Question: Can Alliance Group Affiliates (AGA) design training specifically for my organization special needs?  

Answer: Yes, and we have even designed plans for all levels of government and private industry in our experience. We can also train key staff members to be trainers for certain areas such as access control and emergency procedures.