A major part of what makes us different: Jobs & careers!

FREE Job Placement and Career/Educational Counseling Services!


- We post jobs on private pages that include:

  • Security Guard
  • Armed Guard
  • Armored Car Guard
  • Bodyguard
  • Police Officer
  • Court Officer
  • Correction Officer
  • Investigator
  • Civil Service Worker
  • Railroad Worker
  • Airline Worker
  • Various others

- We hold our own job fairs with top employers at various times throughout the year!

- A number of our staff are also active law enforcement and educational professionals that volunteer to assist student members get good paying jobs throughout the county and/or complete their high school, college or technical/trade school educations.

Thousands of Jobs!


Our exclusive job placement for student members only is a prime example on why we are different from the rest!  

WE take care of you year round for no charge! 

There are thousands of jobs available in our area--get yours today! 

We also help our students get jobs out of state! 

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You can call us seven (7) days a week at (631) 482-0075 or (631) 964-2787 or book online using the below Action Button!

There is only ONE school like ours!

Compare us to any others and feel free to contact any of our student members --many who have become true success stories--and check out our online reviews!

It will be very plain to see that it will be well worth your efforts to get your training here: Our expert staff and expansive network of employers and educators will continue to assist you after your training for FREE as long as you keep in touch! 

Our students are our family!