About Greg

Group President and School Director (Academics, ATFP, and Active Shooter Response Tactics)


  • Police Officer and Park Ranger in NY 
  • US Marshals Service Deputy. 
  • NYCDOC (Captain). 
  •  NYPD Special Units. 
  • US Marine Corps (Active) and US Army (Reserve) Military Police Counterterrorism Specialist).
  • US Army Special Forces (5th SFG -Airborne).
  • US Coast Guard (Reserve).
  • Volunteer Firefighter.
  • US Homeland Security Certified Active Shooter Threat Instructor for Law Enforcement Officers. 
  • Adjunct lecturer and professor.

Joseph Dillon

Associate Director for Executive/Dignitary Protection Training (Academics and Advanced Firearms Instruction based on FBI and US Secret Service Protocols)


  • FBI Special Agent
  • Secret Service Special Agent and Firearms Instructor.
  • OSI Special Agent
  • USAM Federal Agent
  • US Marine Corps  Infantry Commander

Gregory Heddell

Associate Director for Special Security Forces and ATFP Training/Consulting (General and Specialized Tactical)


  • US Navy SEAL Special Warfare Operator
  • US Navy MA (military police)
  • NYS Certified High School Teacher
  • Volunteer Firefighter

Thomas McKenna

Special Security Forces Tactical Instructor


  • US Army Ranger (Airborne)/75th Ranger Regiment


Steve Hill

Program Development Specialist and Certified NYS Police Instructor


  • NYS Attorney General Senior Investigator
  • Bay Constable
  • Suffolk County Deputy Sheriff

Jay Jinks

Tactical and Fitness Training Specialist


  • US DOE Federal Agent
  • US Army Special Forces (10th SFG Airborne)
  • Blackwater/MVM

Coach Craig Gibson

Boxing and Fitness Coach

 Trainer of many world champions and gold medalists including Riddick Bowe, Aaron Pryor, Trevor Berbick, Mike McCullum, Livingstone Bramble, John Meekins and four-time Golden Glove champion and Olympic Gold Medalist, Howard Davis, Jr. 

Paul Yurkiw

Homeland Security and Force Protection Consultant


  • NYPD ESU and Bomb Squad Technician


Stew Smith

Tactical Fitness Consultant


  • US Navy SEAL Team Commander
  • Author and National Fitness Consultant to military and government agencies.