obtaining a New York Security Guard LICENSE (Unarmed)


Training Required

It's the law:  The Security Guard Act of 1992 and New York State General Business Law Section 89 requires the training and registration of security guards in this state. 

Note: Once you obtain your security guard license you must renew it every two years.

There are three (3) unarmed courses consisting of videos and lectures required to OBTAIN and MAINTAIN your security guard license once you receive it (see below).

First Course Required

The first certification course you will need to take to get your security guard license is the NYS Eight Hour Pre-Assignment Course for Security Guards. 

You may only work temporarily (up to 90 days) with this license.

Second Course Required

The second course you need for your security guard license is the NYS Sixteen Hour OJT Course for Security Guards. This course expands on lessons learned in the eight hour course and adds some Homeland Security Training.

This course is required by law within 90 days of initial employment but a number of prospective employers may not hire you without it, and hire somebody who does have it instead. 

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Third Course Required

The third course you will need is the NYS Annual In-Service Course for Security Guards. You must take two (2) of these within your two year registration registration period to renew your security guard license regardless of whether you are working or not. 


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GETING YOUR Security Guard LicensE IS AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3!


Security Guard License: First Step: You Will Need to Do Some Training.

We conduct all unarmed and armed security guard license training certifications for New York State as described below and on our Armed Guard Training Page.


Second Step: You Will Need to Be Fingerprinted

Fingerprinting for your security guard license is conducted by an electronic fingerprint vendor authorized by the New York State Department of State. We will give you instructions on how to get this done when you come to the training.  


Third Step: You Will Need To Submit a Security Guard Application to New York State.

The paperwork you will need to get your NYS Security Guard license is available online on the NYS Department of State website. Once approved, the registration period of your security guard license lasts for two (2) years.  After that, you will need to renew it every two years to keep it active.


renewing your license before expiration

                               HOW IT WORKS

  1. Ninety days before your Security Guard License Expires you should receive a Security Guard License Renewal Form from the NYS Department of State/Division of Licensing Services.
  2. The form is mailed to the address they have on record for your security guard license and will not be forwarded by the post office. 
  3. The form will indicate what training you need (if applicable) to renew your license. If you are missing any training it will be indicated on the renewal form. The the state will not renew your license if your training is incomplete and your registration will expire.
  4. If your training is complete for the current registration period, you simply complete the form, sign it, and mail it back with a $25 check or money order for the two year registration renewal fee. You may also use your credit or debit card.