We are VETERAN OWNED and for many years have helped other veterans with training, job placement, career and educational counseling assistance.

AGA Military Assistance Program (map)


Preface:  Our top level staff and trainers are all veterans, and we consider all honorably discharged and active duty military, National Guard and Reserves to be our "band of brothers".  This includes our "sisters" who we recognize as having long played a crucial role in our military, many also having made the ultimate sacrifice.  They have our highest regard.

It has been said that "Freedom is not free," and all Americans (even those of us who have honorably served) owe it to one another not only to recognize the valuable service of veterans on patriotic holidays, but to do all that we can to help them whenever possible throughout the year.


Therefore, we are heavily committed to assisting our students -- especially those who are US military personnel, honorably discharged veterans, or the survivors of those killed in action -- and we offer a number of services with no strings attached and as volunteers.

We do what is best for our vets and our students in general and act as advocate for them. We even have our own AGA Veterans Corps Association with its subsidiary AGA Wounded Warrior Regiment for this purpose.

We will train you, and then help set you on the road to a new and rewarding career through our Military Assistance Program (MAP). Even after you are placed you may still reach out to us at anytime for help with educational or career assistance and counseling!  Our volunteers will gladly help you and set you in the right direction.

We can even help to reconnect you with the military service (active and reserve) of your choice through our recruiting contacts.

Some of the services we offer:

  • FREE and preferred ongoing preferred job placement assistance.
  • FREE job and educational counseling.
  • Discounted (or fully waived) tuition fees for the New York State unarmed security guard courses (See below for more details).

There are three categories to MAP: